International Tax Law

International Tax Law

International Tax Law is a set of rules describing the tax consequences of international economic activity. Such effects concern, inter alia, transactions carried out by entrepreneurs with foreign contractors, foreign capital investments, as well as work in the territory of another country.

It is worth noting that any type of international or foreign economic activity, the effect of which is the received remuneration, has tax consequences.

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Our services

Our services include:

1. Ongoing advice on the tax consequences of cross-border activities (e.g. taxation of licenses, interest, dividends, foreign real estate income).
2. Tax consultancy related to the settlement of foreign employee income.
3. Tax consultancy for foreign entities and foreigners with regard to running a business in Poland (e.g. choice of the legal form, company registration).
4. Legal and tax analysis of issues related to international tax law, including analyzes and assistance in the verification of detailed optimization concepts.
5. Representation in disputes in the field of international tax law.