Polish Investment Zone

Polish Investment Zone

The Polish Investment Zone (formerly: Special Economic Zones) is one of the key instruments of state support for entrepreneurs. The main incentive for investors is the possibility of taking advantage of the income tax exemption.

Obtaining tax benefits depends on the fulfilment of certain conditions: obtaining a decision on support and implementation of the agreed investment or employment of a certain number of employees.

The very value of the income tax exemption depends on:

a) the value of the investment or the number of employees
b) the type of activity
c) the size of the investment entity
d) the places of investment implementation.

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Our services

Our law firm offers legal assistance in the following areas:

– Obtaining a decision on support.

– Tax consultancy related to the settlement of the enterprise zone relief – also in the process of any restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

– Obtaining individual interpretations of tax law in the field of zone regulations.

– Support for taxpayers in proceedings to change the decision on support.

– Representation in disputes related to the application of zone regulations.