Tax proceeedings

Tax proceeedings

Tax proceedings are disputes conducted by the tax authorities in order to determine the amount of the tax liability.

The main risk of the taxpayer in the initiated tax proceedings is the finding of irregularities in the tax settlement as well as the possibility the tax authority will determine the amount of tax higher than indicated by the taxpayer.

In some cases, tax proceedings may be conducted in favor of the taxpayer. This applies in particular to cases of overpayment, i.e. cases where the tax was paid in an amount higher than the amount due.

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Our services

Our law firm offers services in the field of representing taxpayers in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts. We specialize in income taxes, VAT, excise duty, civil law transactions and real estate taxes. We offer in particular:

– Consultations and advice related to the conducted proceedings.

– Representation in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

– Preparation of pleadings (motions, appeals, complaints, cassation complaints, etc.)

– Legal assistance in enforcement matters.

– Legal assistance in cases concerning the conclusion of installment agreements with tax authorities (state aid).

– Analysis of the taxpayer’s situation.

– Submitting applications for individual interpretations.