Company restructuring and transformations

Company restructuring and transformations

Each decision on legal matters entails tax consequences which vary according to that company’s legal form. Company transformation and restructuring may have a huge impact on its future. Therefore, the prerequisite of success is understanding the goals the client wants to achieve followed by a comprehensive choice of solutions and services which will bring the client closer to their goal, and at the same time allow to make the changes in the least noticeable way in the current activity.

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Our services

Our law firm offers a wide range of legal, legal and tax assistance, including:

– Advice on the selection of the best form of the company, taking into account legal and tax aspects.

– Preparation of legal opinions on the restructuring, transformation and divisions of companies.

– Comprehensive implementation of restructuring procedures, especially liquidation, transformation, contribution and division procedures.

– Preparation of business activity conducted in each legal form for succession.